Our Mission

  • To provide comprehensive, holistic care to infants, children and adolescents, from birth through age 21, of all backgrounds and cultures in the North Georgia mountains and surrounding areas.
  • To treat all patients and their families with the utmost of respect, maintaining a professional but warm, safe environment to receive confidential medical care and counsel.
  • To care for children with a myriad of well and illness needs. To provide expert medical care in the management of acute and chronic concerns, utilizing the latest of available medical knowledge and advances in the field of pediatrics. We will maintain our life-long commitment to continued medical education in Pediatrics, and enthusiastically bring our expertise to this community, to partner with the local hospital and area practicing physicians in promoting the health and well-being of its children and adolescents.
  • We will be upstanding members of this community, respectfully serving on community boards, and will be an integral part of local interests where children and adolescents are at issue. We will always strive to be leaders in raising the level of awareness of the needs and health of the children of Lumpkin and surrounding counties.
  • We acknowledge that the trust we receive from parents to care for their children is a gift, one which we will accept with humility and gratitude.